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Val Kelly - KILLER Commecial Demo 2023 - Val Kelly
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Narration Demo - Val Kelly
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Valerie was very professional and easy to work with. She took direction well and really delivered exactly what we were looking for."  – Brian Sargent

I had the opportunity to perform the voice of "Fuzzy" in this cute short film called "Fuzzy"! It was such an honor to work with Director, Joel Dunn of "Theory Films"! I'd love it if you had the time to watch!! 

I play the voice of the little girl in this short cartoon!! Thanks Essence Cartoon!

I had the opportunity to do the voice of the girl in this video for

"Essence Cartoon."

I'm the voice of both the the bunny and kitty from this cute "FurReal Friends" series of toys by Hasbro!

The above video clip is a performance I did of a monologue I wrote about overspoken words during interviews!! LOL! 
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